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What our customers say

“I'd endorse Gatehouse Car Sales because we had never bought a car this way before , as we dreaded a pushy salesman selling us a dodgy car that would put our children at risk, or just add more stress to the task of spending a significant amount of money. Yet Mike was honest as to the pros and cons of our choices, arranged finance terms with us patiently, and was easy to talk to. We now know we have the right car for our family, and when the car is old or we need to change it we would definitely return to Mike. Our Honda Insight 2009 Eco car was valeted, had a new bumper and any minor scrapes polished out. Mike was confident that these issues would be resolved before we collected the car and it looked great - and we have saved on fuel costs already due to this car as promised by him !”

- Mrs Angela Turland

I'd endorse Aylesbury Honda because I have had wonderful care over many years of having Honda Cars.

- Mrs Margaret Harding

I'd recommend Aylesbury Nissan to a friend because overall from start to finish their service was excellent very helpful and friendly - and they explained everything in a superb manner

- Mr Alan Roberts

Gatehouse Car Sales were great because they were friendly, straight forward and efficient - a hassle free experience

- Mr Les Franklin

I was pleased with Aylesbury Honda and would recommend them because from start to finish it was a very pleasant experience, the staff were excellent and the car was exactly what we were looking for.

- Mr Laurence Hardwick

Aylesbury Honda were helpful because they went out of their way to find me the car and spec I wanted that they didn't have on the forecourt.

- Mr Ford

I'd recommend Aylesbury Honda to anyone because they provide straight forward help and advice, quality service and a friendly atmosphere.

- Mr Paul Gambrell

I'd recommend Aylesbury Nissan to anyone because IT was very satisfactory, the sale, the product and the transaction

- Mrs Bronwen Thompson

Aylesbury Nissan staff were good because they were professional, helpful and thorough.

- Mrs Toni Burrows

My wife and I loved the experience of buying a used Civic from Richard. From the 1st time we met, through the test drive and subsequent negotiations we were treated so well and looked after with great professionalism. When we picked up the car today we were given a very thorough run through of the features and feel confidant of both the car and the team at Honda Aylesbury. Thanks again - we are delighted.

- Laurence Hardwick

My experience at Aylesbury Honda was good because of the ease of purchase of my new car, and it was in excellent condition when I drove it away

- Mrs S

Honda Aylesbury has restored my faith on second hand cars!! David and John at dealership both handled us with utmost respect and really made us feel special. Loving my Civic with confidence given by Honda Aylesbury! Thanks guys!

- Sohaib Hassan

Aylesbury Honda were great because they found exactly what I needed.

- Mr Michael Pitcher

I'd recommend Aylesbury Honda to anyone because, we like the way the dealership looks after us and the fact the sales staff are friendly, are not at all pushy and looked after all the paperwork and details for us making the purchase easy and hassle free

- Mr Mike Brooks

My experience at Aylesbury Honda was cracking because the salesperson was really helpful and most important thing that car which I bought was in immaculate condition. They guided me very well through out the purchase process. I have now complete peace of mind while driving my car. Thanks Honda Aylesbury!! You ppl are doing a great Job! Thanks

- Mr Sohaib Hassan

The experience at Aylesbury Honda was good because David did a great job Excellent

- Mr Thomas Hand

I was happy with the service at Aylesbury Nissan because Matt the Sales Representative was very thorough. Excellent service.

- Mrs Karen Iszkula

I had a great experience at Aylesbury Nissan because the staff are very friendly and helpful and provided me with all the information I needed from the initial viewing of the vehicle to the exchange of my existing vehicle through to the handover. Couldn't have asked for any better!

- Mr Patrick McDonough

My experience at Aylesbury Honda was positive because staff were helpful not pushy accepted what I was looking for in a car and went out of there way to help me

- Mrs Catherin Haines

My experience at Gatehouse Car Sales was memorable because very friendly. And replaced the rear brake light that wasn't working without quibble.

- Mr Stuart H

I'd endorse Aylesbury Honda because they are above any other show room that we have been too and staff are brilliant above the call of duty

- Mr Jeremy Roberts

I'd recommend Aylesbury Honda to anyone because the sales people were friendly, knowledgeable but not too pushy

- Mrs Jill Hughes

I'd definitely recommend Aylesbury Honda to friends and family because they sold the model I wanted.

- Mr George Marshall

I'd recommend Aylesbury Honda to a friend because they are completely professional. Chris Heath, the sales person I dealt with, treated me well. He went out of his way to make the deal easy, and threw in a few extra perks into the purchase.

- Mr Oluwaseyi Oni

The experience at Aylesbury Honda was great because they are doing more than just selling a car. They seem to have a genuine wish to fulfil the customers requirements

- Mr Anthony Lubran

I found the salesman and company very professional and considerate throughout the whole process of buying the vehicle and although they have not contacted me yet they did tell me that if I had any issues or queries to phone them immediately p.s I have only had the car for one week so I wouldn't be surprised if I did receive a courtesy call”

- Mr Philip Wright

I was pleased with Aylesbury Nissan and would recommend them because they were very inviting and friendly and offered a great service.

- Mr Graham Silversides

I was pleased with Aylesbury Honda and would recommend them because overall the service was very good and the standard that the car was presented in was first rate.

- Mrs Beer

The experience at Aylesbury Honda was fantastic because I was able to fit in test drive and collection around a pre-booked holiday. No delays and immaculate presentation.

- Mrs Helen Cliff

The experience at Aylesbury Honda was fantastic because great customer service

- Mr John Bridges

very pleasant experience, Mike @ Gatehouse made the whole process very easy and fun

- Miss Hannah P

Aylesbury Honda were great because everybody was friendly, efficient, professional, respectful and courteous.

- Mr Michael Coyle

I'd endorse Aylesbury Nissan because very friendly and very helpful.

- Mrs V

I'd recommend Aylesbury Nissan because level of service, friendliness of staff better than ever.

- Mrs Ellam

Aylesbury Nissan were fantastic because they had a very friendly approach to car sales and I found them not in the least bit pushy for a sale. They were happy for me to come on various visits with and without my children and allowed me the time to try all my children's car seats in the vehicle. It was because of their kind approach to the sale that I chose to buy from them instead of another dealership. All the paper work was explained fully and I was taken through all aspects of my new car on more than one occasion so I was confidently sure I knew how to use all the wonderful gadgets it came with. I am so happy with my new car and feel the service was brilliant.

- Miss Laura Grecea

I'd recommend Aylesbury Honda to anyone because we are very satisfied and they were very patient with us.

- Mr C

The experience at Aylesbury Honda was good because customer care first class. No pushy sales techniques.

- Mr S

I was happy with the service at Gatehouse Car Sales because they fulfilled what they promised before delivery/handover of my vehicle. Although, I have had a couple of teething problems since, one phone call sorts it so, I am very satisfied with doing business with GCS.

- Mrs Diaone Rattigan

Aylesbury Honda were great because they straight and to the point, had what I wanted and a deal was done, quick simple and straight forward

- Mr Daniel Butler

I'd definitely recommend Aylesbury Honda because had the right car at the right price.

- Mrs R

Aylesbury Honda were helpful because from the minute walked through the door, we were greeted and offered good advice and support. There was no pressure to buy, and at the time, Honda was not our preferred vehicle. After test driving several vehicles, we returned to see Richard Elliott at Aylesbury Honda based upon the welcoming atmosphere, the great drive of the vehicles offered, and the quality/price of the vehicle we ended up buying. If our next vehicle will be a Honda, we will definitely be back to see Richard!

- Mr Stephen T

Aylesbury Nissan were fantastic because we were very much looked after, not rushed even though the sales personal was very busy. The after care can be improved, phone calls & emails after the car was purchased were slow to be replied to.

- Mrs Claire Panchal

I'd endorse Aylesbury Nissan because even though there were initial problems with the handover and work done on the car, it has been sorted now.

- Mr Mark Watson

My experience at Aylesbury Honda was memorable because we were clearly informed about all details and fairly and politely treated

- Mrs Denise Pethers

The experience at Aylesbury Nissan was fantastic because the whole experience was not pushy and they appreciated that I'd come to look at a specific car and gave me all the help I needed to make the purchase. The salesman, Matt, was very knowledgeable, smart, friendly and courteous and made no attempts to force me into any decision I wasn't happy with although he did explain all the options open to me.

- Mr Marcus Reid

The whole sales process was done professionally and thoughtfully. My specific needs were taken into account when putting together and identifying the best finance package, which best suited my needs

- Mr Hussain

My experience at Aylesbury Nissan was positive because it all went smoothly

- Mrs Christine Brown

I'd definitely recommend Aylesbury Honda because Chris Heath especially has been informative, patient and friendly without being a pushy salesman. The whole team in Aylesbury has always served me well which is why I would always use Honda in Aylesbury.

- Mrs Claire Le Viavant-Kinsgman

I'd endorse Aylesbury Honda because they were very attentive without being pushy. They took a lot time with me, let me test drive two cars and take the one I was really interested in for a prolonged test drive. When I collected the car, I was given a thorough run down of its features and the salesman made sure I was happy with everything before I drove it away.

- Mrs Andrea Worley

My experience of Aylesbury Honda was a truly enjoyable one. From my initial enquiry about a car advertised on their website, to my decision to purchase it and the handover, I was treated professionally and courteously. Being a single lady, sometimes purchasing a new vehicle can be a daunting experience, but I was helped through each stage and the staff were more than happy to answer all my questions. I cannot thank Chris Heath enough(who even printed off directions for my return drive home to Somerset!).They are definitely my choice of Honda dealers and I don`t hesitate in highly recommending them to everyone. A big thank you to Stuart also x

- Miss Rachel Grindrod