new Honda deals for military, blue light and teachers

New Honda deals: Military, Blue Light and teacher discounts

Here at Aylesbury Honda, we're please to offer huge savings on new Honda cars and new Honda deals.  This scheme was developed by the Ministry of Defence to reward and to thank anyone serving in the armed forces, as well as reservists and veterans. 

Please call  01296 319 800 for more information. 

Customer eligibility:

• Serving Military personnel – Tri-Services (Army, Royal Navy, & RAF)

• MOD Employees – Those working for and paid by the MOD itself.

• Tri-Service & MOD Veterans – Those having served their Queen & Country

• DDS Card holders – Members of the Defence Discount Service • Reservists – Tri Service reservists, or cadet forces

• RNLI Volunteers – (RNLI members are eligible for a DDS Card)

• Serving and Retired Police Officers

• Serving and Retired Fire Fighters

• Serving and Retired Paramedics

• NHS Registered Doctors & Nurses • Serving and Retired Prison Officers

• Serving Community Support Officers Customer eligibility:

• Serving Civil Servants

• Retired Civil Servants

• Teachers

Please contact us here, or call 01296 319 800 for more information.