All you need to know about the Honda Civic

Added: 27 November 2018

The Honda Civic is a medium-sized hatchback that epitomises the perfect family car. Dating back to its introduction in 1972, the popular model has come a long way over the last half a century.

The all-new 2018 Honda Civic is the 10th generation of the model and features lots of big upgrades from its predecessors. The new Civic combines the reliability of an established model with a very modern update, meaning you can now get the best of both. Here’s everything you need to know about the Honda Civic.

It’s available in two body styles

The Honda Civic is available as a four door saloon or a five door hatchback. Between the two, the Honda Civic makes a great car whatever your needs. Whether you’re looking for a reliable family vehicle or a corporate car you can depend on, the Honda Civic makes a great choice.

It’s had a makeover

The tenth generation Honda Civic marks a significant upgrade for the long-standing model. With increases to both the length and width of the vehicle, the new Civic has a completely different look to previous models.

The most notable updates are the sculpted bonnet and the sloping boot, giving the Civic a much more timeless look. This design overhaul has also created the best driving experience yet, with sleek aerodynamics that offer a smooth ride for everyone inside.

Choose from four engines

Underneath the Civic’s bonnet, you’ll find one of four engines. The 1.0 VTEC and 1.6 i-DTEC engines are lighter and more efficient than any Civic engine before them. With the help of Earth Dreams Technology, you can enjoy an exciting drive with a perfect balance of economy and performance.

It’s more comfortable than ever

Slide into the Honda Civic and you’ll instantly notice its dedicationto comfort. The interior surfaces are soft to touch, while both the driver and passenger seats are ergonomically contoured to the body. This extra support goes a long way, especially on longer drives.

You’re in safe hands

The new Honda Civic comes with the new Honda SENSING, a set of features designed to keep both you and your passengers as safe as can be.

Safety features including Honda’s Collision Mitigation Braking System, which will alertyou if a collision is possible and reduce your speed in anticipation, and Lane Departure Warning, to let you know if you’re drifting out of your lane. Other new safety upgrades include the Civic’s ability to recognise traffic signs, speed limits and any risks posed by surrounding vehicles, making sure you’re always alert and in the know.

It makes driving easy

While the Lane Keeping Assist System takes all the stress out of staying in lane, the Adaptive Cruise Control maintains a set distance from the vehicle in front as well as monitoring the cruising speed.

It’s an elegant car

With a choice of 16 inch or 17 inch alloy wheels, the Honda Civic adds a sporty finish when it comes to the details. As well as sporting powerful new LED headlights, the Civic now comes with a distinctive chrome grille and a sunroof that lets plenty of natural light and air into the vehicle. 

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