Maintenance tips for your Honda

Added: 20 August 2019

Honda Car Service

We all know how important it is to not skip your next MOT, but that’s not the only way to ensure your Honda stays in the best condition possible. There are certain things you can easily check at home between your Honda’s servicing appointments to keep your car on the road for as long as possible.

Here are six quick and easy ways to maintain your Honda at home to keep it in tip top condition.

3 things to check on your Honda

Checking your tyres, oil levels and cooling system only takes a couple of minutes, but could cost you a lot longer if anything goes wrong. Take a couple of minutes once a month to quickly check up and make sure everything is looking okay.

Checking your tyre

Honda tyre check

There are two main things you will want to check when it comes to tyres: the condition of the tyres and the tyre pressure. You will be able to find the recommended tyre pressure for your Honda in the owner’s manual and it’s a good idea to use the same pressure gauge every time. When it comes to checking the condition of the tyres, you’re simply looking for anything that doesn’t look normal. This could include bumps, bulges, cuts, cracks or threadbare areas. All of these can cause problems on the road, so book your car in for a service if you spot anything unusual. If your car has a spare tyre, don’t forget to check this too!

Checking your oil levels

Check Honda oil

A quick oil check can prevent anything going wrong and keep your car on the road. For this reason, it’s always a good idea tocheck your oil levels before a long journey or after refuelling.

Checking your cooling system

Low levels of coolant can cause your engine to overheat. Check that the coolant levels are healthy and make sure there are no leaks anywhere underneath the car or around the engine bay.

3 more ways to maintain your Honda

As well as carrying out regular checks on your Honda, you’ll also want to keep your battery and fuel levels up, and make sure you always have an emergency kit nearby.

Honda battery check

Keeping your battery charged

Go for a longer drive at least once a week, use a charger to make sure it’s in good condition and turn everything off, making sure all doors are closed and map lights are off.

Keeping your Honda topped up with fuel

Honda fuel check

You never know when you may need a little extra fuel. Avoid taking any chances and always keep your tank topped up just in case. Make sure you always use the correct fuel, too, or the damage could be costly.

Keep an emergency kit in your car

Honda Emergency Kit

We all hope nothing will go wrong, but you never know when a breakdown will happen. Be prepared by keeping an emergency kit in your car at all times. Some essentials you might want to have are blankets, waterproofs, a torch, first aid kit, maps, a warning triangle and a tow rope.

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