All Honda Cars will be electric by 2025

Added: 30 April 2019

Honda Electric Future

Honda recently announced some exciting plans for the future of its vehicles: by 2025, all of its cars sold in the UK and Europe will be electrified. That means every new Honda car will either be fully electric or, at the very least, use electric power in some way. Here’s everything you need to know about the news and what it means for Honda drivers in the UK.

An electrified market

Honda’s goal to electrify its entire range of UK and European cars by 2025 means there will be no new petrol- or diesel-only Honda vehicles available in just six years’ time. Instead, every new Honda car will be either fully electric, and run exclusively on battery power, or a hybrid that combines electric power with a traditional engine. That means low or zero emissions, and little to no fuel consumption, making for a range of cars that’s both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Honda’s electric vision

Honda revealed its vision for complete electrification at the Geneva Motor Show - one of the largest trade events for the car manufacturing industry - last month. The announcement came alongside the revealing of the Japanese car manufacturer’s new e prototype, an all-electric, battery-powered hatchback. The all-electric four seater vehicle marks the start of Honda’s new strategy and is aimed at an urban audience who travels little and often. With a range of 124 miles and the ability to recharge up to 80% of its battery in just 30 minutes, the new Honda e hatchback has shown what the future of commuter cars might look like and what we might expect to see as Honda moves towards a fully electrified fleet.

Global goals

Honda Electric Future

The announcement of Honda’s new goal to make all of its European sales electrified by 2025 is an adjustment to its earlier plans. In 2017, the brand announced plans to make two thirds of its sales electrified by 2025 but is now going all in in the UK and throughout Europe and aiming for 100%. Throughout the rest of the world, Honda has set its sights on complete electrification by the year 2030, just five years after it hopes to have a fully electrified offering in Europe.

A cleaner future

Honda’s move may seem radical, but it shows that the Japanese manufacturer is ahead of the game when it comes to planning for the future. As all car manufacturers begin moving to a more electrified offering, it makes sense to go all in and commit to a fully electrified line-up. As the electric vehicle market grows and takes over, Honda will be firmly at the front of the race with a range of options for drivers to choose from - and no doubt a number of new technologies, too.

Cars of the future

The brand’s goal is great news for Honda drivers. As well as enjoying a wider range of clean cars, they will be able to benefit from a choice of future-ready vehicles. From 2025, when you buy a new Honda car, you can be sure you’re driving a car that’s geared up for the future and ready to embrace this new era in the automotive industry

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