The Zero Hero: Honda's e Prototype

Added: 12 February 2019

The Zero Hero: Honda's New Urban EV

Honda’s new e Prototype isn’t just a move to a more eco-friendly drive, but the start of a new age for the Japanese car manufacturer. The prototype is set to be unveiled at next month’s Geneva Motor Show as it gears up for production later this year. Here’s everything you need to know about the e Prototype ahead of its release.

A new mass market

Although electric vehicles have been around for a long time, the e Prototype is the first of its kind. That’s because it will be the first mass-produced battery electric vehicle that Honda will sell in Europe. The e Prototype marks a new era for the Honda brand, which is expecting to electrify two thirds of its European sales in the next six years in an industry-wide move towards a cleaner, greener future.

The Honda Power Manager concept is one of the e Prototype’s winning features and was unveiled at the same time as the car. By storing more energy, the smart system can release energy created by renewable sources back into the home or into the grid. That means a cleaner drive for car owners and a cleaner way of generating electricity for daily life in general.

The Zero Hero: Honda's New Urban EV

Function and purpose

Everything about the e Prototype puts functionality and purpose first. From the design to the technology, simplicity is at the heart of Honda’s first fully electric vehicle and sets it apart from other electric cars already on the market.

With a limited number of moving parts and no gears to change, the Honda e Prototype offers a straightforward driving experience that every driver can enjoy. There’s no clutter to distract you from the road, much less maintenance than with a conventional car and you can enjoy a simple light touch of the pedal to accelerate.

The Zero Hero: Honda's New Urban EV

A look towards the future

The award-winning e Prototype won the Honda R&D team the Car Design Award 2018 for their significant contribution to the evolution of car design. As the finished car begins to go on sale, it’s changing the automotive space in more ways than one.

As well as being Honda’s first fully electric car to go on sale in Europe, the e Prototype is changing the way we think about driving with its simple design and large personality. The minimalist interior is refreshingly simple, creating a spacious environment and making for a more relaxing drive. This is complemented by a wide windscreen that adds a sporty touch on the outside and impressive visibility on the the inside, as well as a rear hinged door that invites you to step inside.

Despite the spacious proportions, the e Prototype is a noticeably compact car - a combination which makes for a surprisingly sporty driving experience. A blue, backlit logo on both the front and rear adds another sporty touch and is a distinguishable feature you can expect to see on future electric cars from Honda. Next to the logo you’ll also find interactive messages that can show the car’s charge status, greetings and advice for other drivers.

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